Donor stories

Our Virtual Toy Drive donors have amazing reasons about why they give that are as diverse as they are, and that's why we're excited to share their stories with you! We'd like to say a special thank you to our donors who sent us their giving stories and allowed us to pass them on to you.

"When we got married, we [decided] to make a donation in honor of our guests instead of giving out favors.  So I was happy to do it and wish I could have done more!  I certainly do know how much we appreciate our donors and the items that we receive from the Virtual Toy Drive." - Memory 



"It breaks my heart to see how often these children are part of some sort of medical involvement and are not out playing and living the life of a healthy child. It is wonderful to know that there are so many ways that your organization is working to make sure that these children can have as much of a ‘normal’ life as possible. Thank you so much for what you do."- Kelly


"I directed our Vacation Bible School this year at Freedom Fellowship Church, and I decided to let the children choose where their money was donated. We competed with a penny wars between the boys and the girls and then each child got a vote for local charities that help children. The Virtual Toy Drive won by 20 votes! I think it really connected with our children to know that their money was going to help other children." - Amber

"All I know is that children are our future.  What the world becomes long after I am gone will be determined by the children of today.  Whatever we can do to help, whether it is to find a new cure or help children lead a normal life, it falls on us to make it happen.  I urge everyone to spread the word about the Virtual Toy Drive, and support it.  It leaves a good feeling in my heart, knowing I have had a small part in a great program." - Bruce


"I cannot imagine how tough it must be to have sick children. As a new parent, that is almost unimaginable. I wanted to donate to the drive last year but couldn't get my act when I saw it advertised on the news again this year, I had the overwhelming feeling for the need to give something back." - Hannah



"At Christmas time I just like to give what I can to who needs it, and who better than the kids at the Children's Hospital? It's not much, but they need it more than I do. My mother passed away in 2003 and she always gave to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, so what better way to remember her since she can not be here with us." - Leann




"I know first hand what a difference these gifts can make for our patients.  My husband and I like to put as much back to OUR community, where we can see and appreciate the difference it makes." - Beth



 "A good friend of mine introduced me to the Virtual Toy Drive. My son Matthew has heard me speak several times about it and the good it does. He decided instead of getting presents at his birthday party, he would rather have a toy drive for the children at the hospital (raised $155). Any boy with a heart like that deserved a donation from Mom & Dad." - Chris




"My granddaughter was in Children's Hospital when she was about 18 months old with an infection in her back. It took the doctors about six weeks to find out what it was, so she was in and out of the hospital several times and was in the oncology wing at one time. When I came to visit and saw the children in the hospital it really touched my heart especially the ones in the cancer center. Some of them were riding wagons up and down the hall with their IV's hooked to them but they still had smiles on their faces. My granddaughter was one of the fortunate ones in that they ruled out cancer and finally found the problem and was able to treat her.  But my heart goes out to the ones that are not as fortunate." - Elaine