The Cause

Why a Virtual Toy Drive?

Greenville Health System Children's Hospital treats more than 100,000 infants, children, and adolescents each year. That number translates to lots of children with lots of needs. Although patients in the Children's Hospital are treated by some of the best pediatricians in the country, their needs go beyond what most people consider traditional "medical care." Children's Hospital patients also have psycho-social needs, which can be met through specific items such as toys, care packages, birthday parties, attending camps, etc.

For example, a child receiving a painful treatment might benefit from the distraction of playing with a toy. A child's spirits could be lifted by having a birthday party in the hospital on that special day. Funds are very limited for these kinds of needs, which presents a special opportunity for community involvement. As a result, the Office of Philanthropy & Partnership came up with the concept of having a Virtual Toy Drive.

What Is a Virtual Toy Drive?

The Children's Hospital Virtual Toy Drive, presented by WYFF 4, is an easy, rewarding way for the community to help support patients and families of Children's Hospital. The hope is that through conveying the needs of Children's Hospital, awareness will be raised for these value-added items. The Virtual Toy Drive offers potential donors the opportunity to purchase items that will go directly to children who are patients in the Children's Hospital. As a donor, you know exactly how your money is being spent because you are in control of selecting items for children in need.

We believe the Virtual Toy Drive is an innovative approach to filling a crucial need. We want our donors to feel like they are making a difference through their gifts, which is why we want you to understand just how important these value-added items are to the children and their families of Children's Hospital.

Will you please join us in making a difference in the life of a child?